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Halting desertification in Europe


ASSET is one of seven pilot projects funded by the EC in an effort to halt desertification in Europe

In December 2013, seven pilot projects (ASSET, DURERO, GuaSEEAW+PAWA, PROTAGUS, SYWAG, and WAMCD) were selected for funding under the a Call for proposals launched by the European Commission’s DG Environment and entitled "Halting desertification in Europe" for pilot initiatives aiming at complementing at the local scale the EU water resources balance elaborated in the framework of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting for Water (SEEA-Water),and at demonstrating how the water resource balance contributes to identify and combine management, technological and economic measures allowing for optimal river basin management. The call focused on those river basins that were seriously affected in the last years by water scarcity, droughts and/or desertification. 

These initiatives include as target areas three transnational river basins (Duero, Guadiana, and Tagus – located between Spain and Portugal), several Spanish river basins (Guadalquivir, Segura, and the Andalusian Mediterranean basins), and one Italian river basin (Arno).  

DG Environment hosted the Kick-off Meeting of the 2013 call on 5 February, 2014 to present the main topics and activities of funded each project and the envisaged outcomes both at local/national level and at European level. During the meeting, the activities carried out in the field of water balance/water account at European level by the European Environment Agency and the Joint Research Centre were also presented together with the results of the three pilot projects funded with the previous call. All presentations and the agenda of the meeting are available at CIRCABC.

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