ASSET's Work Plan

The implementation of the work plan is structured in four main WPs blocks:

ASSET Work Plan

  • Development of water resources balances: Task A (A1 and A2), and Task B (B1)
  • Testing solutions for gathering and integrating data (Tasks B2 and B3), and testing the integration of water resources balance in the RBMP (Task E).
  • Identification of management, technological and economic measures: Task D.
  • Proposal and recommendations of targets: Task D Task E.

Task A. Develop Water Accounts for the Segura River Basin

Responsible: UPCT.

Participants: CHS and FW.
Aim: to collect all necessary data available (Task A1), and implement it into SEEA-W (Task A2).
A1 Data collection
A2 Data Implementation into ECRINS and SEEA-W

Task B. Innovative procedures for Data Collection and Integration

Responsible: FW.

Participants: UPCT.
Aim: to apply already validated procedures for data integration, and besides the following innovative procedures will be applied and tested to support the reconstruction of the water accounts:
B1 Actual evapotranspiration for water balance closure.
B2 Development and testing of GIS-based solution for data integration
B3 Merging local and ENSEMBLES climate data.

Task D. Identification of Measures for Optimizing Water Allocations

Responsible: CHS.

Participants: FW and UPCT.
Aim: to identify management, technological, administrative and economic measures and assess their potential impact and effectiveness against specific criteria (e.g. water use reduction per economic activity, cost, environmental and socio-economic benefits) for the Segura River Basin.

Task E. Harmonizing RBMP and Water Accounts: Targeting and Uncertainty Assessment under Future Changes

Responsible: FW.

Participants: CHS and UPCT.
Aim: deriving indicative target levels for water saving and for reducing the vulnerability of water resources in the Segura River Basin.  These targets will focus on water efficiency, water-reuse, land-use and climate change adaptation which will allow the preservation and/or restoration of the natural water balance.

Task C. Communication & Dissemination


Participants: all.
Aim: to maximise the value of the research. Fundamental to this programme is identification of the key target audiences.  Main C&D related actions are planned: - Project websiteavailable at least for 5 years after the project. - News for Networks and social media ( Twitter account )and Policy supporting and River Basin Manager Specific Material (Layman´sreport, Policy brief and executive summary). - Summer School. - Final and Dissemination Meetings.

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